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Ages 7-12

At the grassroots level, XKC believes all goalkeepers should still spend time playing on the field and shouldn't commit to only playing in goal. It builds more of an understanding of the game, technical footskills and brings joy. However, for those that are looking to begin their goalkeeper path, these sessions are designed for you! All the basics from handling, diving, distribution, footwork and more are focused on in a fun and safe environment. Keepers at this level will learn the tools that will give them confidence and courage to go in goal and have fun doing it. They will take steps that will allow them to jump to the next level in a safe way.

Want to learn more? Take advantage of private or small group lessons, or take a free community class on the weekends.

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Ages 10-14

At the club level, we strive to help all club/ travel goalkeepers take their game to the next level. With a new real commitment to the sport in the form of travel soccer, it's now time to commit to building a great goalkeeper foundation that will serve you for years to come. With Xcel Keeper Club's holistic view of goalkeeping, all sessions will include Technical, Tactical, Athletic, and Cognitive elements to build an all-around keeper from a young age. 

  • Technical development from handling, diving, and high balls 

  • Tactically progress with positioning, timing, and anticipation exercises 

  • Begin to understand how important taking care of our bodies is to goalkeeping and soccer in general 

  • Start to build the right social, psychological, and cognitive skills needed for goalkeepers at advanced levels

Are you new to competitive/club soccer? Are you finding that goalkeeper is becoming a preferred position? Want to get introduced to higher intensity goalkeeper training, schedule a Club XKC session with Alex Fatovic today. Take our quick level quiz and schedule a session today!

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Ages 12+

At the competitive level, goalkeepers are now fully committed to their position and looking to push their game as far as possible. All foundational elements are still prioritized but at a much higher intensity and expectation level. Technical, Tactical, Athletic, and Cognitive aspects are involved in all sessions to continue to construct an all-around keeper that will progress to the elite level.

  • Technical development from handling, diving, high balls to now include crosses, breakaways, distribution, advanced footwork, and more

  • Tactically progress with positioning, timing, angles, reading high balls, seeing through balls, all off-the-line moments and much more

  • Learn the correct form and technique to build a fit, healthy, and athletically sound goalkeeper frame 

  • Enhance the right social, psychological, and cognitive skills to succeed in high-intensity environments

Are you ready for the competitive sessions? Have you been almost exclusively in goal for a year or two and looking to push your potential? Wanting to intensify your keeper sessions, book a competitive session with Alex Fatovic today!

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