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Where do the session takes place?

Currently, sessions take place in four locations:

College Point Soccer Field

Little Bay Park

Cunningham Park

Juniper Park

Locations can vary but sessions are held at an agreeable location once booked. 

What if we can't make a session we paid for?

No problem, cancel before 24 hours for a full refund. Cancel within 24 hours for a 50% refund. Sorry, canceling with in an hour or not showing up there is no refund.

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Xcel Keeper Club?

New XKC clients will receive an evaluation survey, that will help apply the right training model for each session. Questions on if your child is able to participate, just reach out!

What is different about Xcel Keeper Club from other goalie training programs?

Xcel Keeper club is the first of its kind keeper union in NYC. It's a place build for keepers to grow and develop together. The social aspect of goalkeeping cannot be understated. It's an extremely intuitive, yet mechanical position that requires strong personalities. XKC and its holistic approach look to improve in all facets of goalkeeping, not just the technical side.

We are interested in partner or small group trainings, but don't have any partners to bring. 

What can we do to take advantage of the savings?

No problem, for those looking to take advantage of small group offerings, XKC can place you in partners and groups based on our evaluations to make sure keepers are placed in the right developmental groups. If you have your own partners, even better. There is always a way at XKC

At what age should my child start goalkeeper training?

At the youngest grassroots level, players should experience all positions and not settle into to just one position, especially goalkeeper.

However, for those who clearly have a like for the goal, you can begin with basic fundamentals as early as 6-7 years old. 

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